A road, the hope contained in the road hk company incorporation, the regret very long. The road is so wide, a person walking, how can slam hope, how can we come to regret at the end. Rope-way with light, you can easily dragged me, pulling, leave some footprints, even like poetry prints, in light humble ambiguity, or incomplete, then buried dust. It turned out that I had been standing in the way, he reveals a light.

One small, do not cry, just cry, the National People's Congress, is not easy to cry, but cry. Whole life, ignorant fairy tale, there is a darker reality, in the same world, live a life different worlds. Fortunately, my world is you, you have my world, unfortunately, you do not grow up in another world forever young, and I, but will be a day old, no tears, only Society began to cry. My handsome face, will eventually be embedded on your own wrinkles.

"I stand facing the sun, they are afraid that you see behind me a shadow of sadness," you look in the direction of my dedication, naturally can not see my predicament dragging a long shadow. Even, you are my shadow, I turned and turned the same, facing the sun, you have been by my side, just how my efforts, you can not see the whole picture. You like my invisible wings, and dragged me to be bound by the gravity of love, how to fly, did not fly high.

The greatest aspiration of the vast bird shot for the sky to meet freely Cloud Desktop, vapid life to the tenacious grass, again and again to experience the fire. Although the sky is too high, the fire is too large, little heart has always been convinced that there is hope there is a dream, a dream in my heart to be strong. Although nothing to do with the reality of your existence, and I was in another world atmosphere heavy atmosphere, text, barricaded Magpie Bridge meet with thee.

Phase under my heart, Heren Si's in Seoul, the edges of the light pen, since it is not made of green, I would point dyed black and white heart, not from its heavy color, and then, will you eat slowly, you want a thousand times, never tired. I Wen Fan with no rhyme Chenin, from cells into the rhyme to God, you are the original causes of the United States, why do you turn a blind eye.

Phase down mood is Acacia, Acacia into the illness because of your heart is dead.

Next phase is determined to think of you, there is no phase Everlasting and depression, inability snow lying late Qing Dynasty.

Night was so deep, the wind and snow to one, with me wandering, Zanko stranded in the text, the rise of invisible stars. Who quietly hidden in phase, it is not a flower cemetery, he played with a guitar sound Allure, but it is another world outside. Athletic, heavily guarded, both ends of the corresponding language curse, my body is still Mo, there will be no safe havens soul, so to understand the bridge figure, she is Meng give alms.

Evening clouds to pull the wind, the night was so empty deceive travel trade show, determined to phase down, alone in thinking you ......